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Voice is Everything- Voice can change the World.

1) Voice over inspires others.

“Our voices are one of the most powerful instruments we have. They hold the power to change people’s minds, inspire them, or emotionally move them, all without being seen. And by having diverse voices in stories, we allow everyone to see themselves.” - Kimberly Woods (@KimberlyWoods), VOX

2) Voice over can teach new languages.

“As an immigrant, cartoons and video games were how I learned to speak the English language. I'm very grateful to have been inspired and educated by the art of voice acting. It's an incredible vehicle for storytelling, and I feel like we've barely scratched the surface.” - Aleks Le (@AleksLeVO), Atlas Talent

3) Voice over creates shared experiences.

“I got into voice acting because I used to read books to the younger kids at my local library and loved the ideas of telling stories with my voice. I think seeing someone who was similar to them and had similar lived experiences helped them see themselves in the story.” - Tiana Camacho (@TianaCamachoVO), Atlas Talent

4) Voice over creates strength through words.

“No matter what race, age, gender, or ethnicity... Your words have power, and voiceover gives me and a lot of people strength.” - A.J. Beckles (@AJBecklesVO) - CESD

5) Voice over is a heartfelt expression.

“Creativity is the language of the soul. Express yourself in whatever way makes your heart sing.” - Anairis Quiñones (@anairis_q), CESD

6) Voice over is a vast magical playground.

“Voice over is a vast magical playground that grants the capability of inhabiting the soul of anyone or anything vocal capacity and infinite imagination allow. It is the medium through which both possible and impossible characters are born and nurtured. It is a realm of boundless storytelling where I am free to explore.” - Yong Yea (@Yongyea), SBV

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